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Army Emergency Relief Campaign

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Army Emergency Relief (AER) provides financial assistance through

no-interest loans and grants to Active Duty Soldiers, Retired Soldiers,

Family members, surviving spouses, and orphans when there is a valid

financial emergency. They also provide scholarship opportunities for spouses

and dependent children. AER works with all other service aid societies to

provide assistance to Service members of all branches of military service.


While all assistance requests are unique and considered on an individual

basis, categories of authorized emergency financial assistance include:

non-receipt of pay, theft of funds, medical expenses, funeral expenses,

required travel, rent, utilities, food, repairs for privately-owned

vehicles, clothing, repair of HVAC, cranial helmets, privation, and fire or

other disaster. Visit to see

more categories of authorized assistance.



1. Talk to your Chain of Command

The fastest and most effective way to request financial assistance through

AER is to talk to your chain of command. Your chain of command has the power

to approve immediate financial assistance up to $2,000. Your chain of

command can also refer you to the on-post AER officer. Your chain of command

is empowered to help. Just ask!


2. Visit your AER Officer

Any Soldier (active or retired) can visit their nearest AER officer.

Officers are conveniently located at many Army installations around the

world. No Army base nearby? No problem! Soldiers can visit any military

installation and request AER assistance from any military aid society. If

you are within 50 miles of Fort Detrick, MD, contact the Fort Detrick Army

Community Service at 301-619-2197 to talk to an AER Officer. Forest Glen

also has the option to use the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

AER Officer at 301-400-0171. If it is after normal duty hours, please

contact the American Red Cross (see below).


3. Call the American Red Cross

Not located within 50 miles of a military installation? The American Red

Cross is authorized to provide financial assistance on behalf of AER. Call

the American Red Cross at 1-877-272-7337 then select the option for

financial assistance.  Additionally, the American Red Cross can assist after

normal duty hours, normally for cases involving emergency travel and to

avoid immediate privation (basic living essentials).


AER Application (AER Form 101)  and other forms are located at




Quick Assist Program:

AER’s most powerful program. Company Commanders or First Sergeants can

approve financial assistance up to $2,000. Last year, 8,000 Soldiers

received over $10 million in financial assistance from their chain of

command. Give leadership the opportunity to help. Talk to your chain of



Child Care Assistance:

Families enrolled in the Army Fee Assistance program are eligible for up to

$1,500 in child care assistance ($500 per month for 3 months) in addition to

assistance provided through the Army Fee Assistance Program. Families must

be enrolled in the Army Fee Assistance Program and demonstrate valid need

through the completion of a budget.


Wounded Warrior Assistance Program (AW2):

Soldier for life! Army Wounded Warriors receive personal access to AER

assistance. Applicants located within 50 miles of a military installation

should visit the on-base military aid office for a consultation. Applicants

not located within 50 miles of an installation should contact their AW2

advocate or AER HQ.


Survivor Assistance:

Surviving spouses and children of active and retired Soldiers are eligible

for financial assistance. Assistance is provided as a grant for an

individual request. Monthly stipends may be provided for the most destitute.


Wounded Warrior Comfort Grants:

Soldiers medically evacuated from hostile fire or imminent danger area,

peacekeeping operations, or training exercises within CONUS receive

immediate financial assistance. A $1,000 grant is provided at the time of

hospitalization. AER has provided over $3 million in comfort grants since



Educational Scholarships:

Spouses and children of active and retired Soldiers are eligible for

educational scholarship programs. AER provides over $8 million in

educational scholarships every year. For more information, visit:




AER is a private, non-profit organization that relies on donations to carry

out the mission. If you would like to support AER, please visit Here you will find links to

donate by credit card, eCheck, PayPal, and DoD allotment.